Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Wonderful World of Rice

I consider myself to be a great cook but there is one thing I have always had trouble with for some reason, and that is rice. I usually end up resorting to using the Uncle Ben's 90 second rice in a bag (a WONDERFUL product, by the way.) My rice always ends up being squashy, and never fluffy. But I'll be darned...I just made the perfect rice! It's a new variety that I've never tried before called black japonica and it's quite delicious. I boiled the rice in chicken broth, a little butter and a variety of some of my favorite spices and it came out great.


  1. You know, Dad has suggested that too, but I really wanted to try and get it down on my own without the use of any special gadgets (mostly because I don't have room for any more kitchen appliances lol.)