Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Adoption Day To My Orange Ball of Fluff!

Dear Corbin,

This is you the day we brought you home last year:

We knew we wanted an orange kitten. We saw a few other hopeful candidates but none touched our hearts the way you did when you came up to your cage window and said hello to us. You had a little cold but you were super rambunctious. You were 2 and a half months old when we brought you home.

Here you are a year later:

You are still cute but we are now convinced that you have no soul and that you are possessed by some destructive demon monster. You get on the counters and knock things down and you love to chew through expensive things, like cell phone headsets, Wii sensor bars and Sperry Topsider shoelaces. You leave you cat hair everywhere and you love to put your little all over the bathroom floor. You also have expensive taste in cat food and you are the pickiest cat I've ever met. You refuse all cat foods that do not have fish in them and scratch at things you do not like as if you had just taken a dump all over them.

However, we would not trade you for the world, even though we would like to throw you across the room sometimes. You are always happy to see us when we get home and you love to snuggle when we are watching TV. You make us laugh more times than we are angry with you. AND if you have a hairball, you try your darndest to make it to the litter box rather than puking on the floor. Thank you for being our kitty child.


Your Mommy and Daddy

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